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The recent wildfires that have ravaged California and Maui have driven home the need to be pro-active in the design of FIRE SMART HOUSES.

Whether you have suffered the loss of your home or property, and are planning to re-build, or are thinking of building in an area which could be threatened by fire in the future, you must consider building FIRE SMART.

By utilizing proven design techniques for defensible space, fire resistant materials, and FIRE SMART architectural design, it is possible to mitigate the hazards of building in areas that could be affected by wildfires in the future.

Future wildfires WILL occur, and you can be prepared for when it happens.

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Architectural design is integral to FIRE SMART considerations. There are many styles and materials to consider which can help to greatly reduce the risk of fire damage and destruction


Fire resistant building materials are extremely important considerations. Exterior siding, roofing, windows and doors, and other advanced fire-proof building materials can greatly reduce risk.


Defensible space is essential to protecting your property and structure.

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